ABW provides services on a fee-only basis, which means we do not receive compensation from any financial institution based on the purchase or sale of a financial product.

ABW’s Wealth Management service combines investment management, investment consulting and financial planning services. We charge fees for these services as described below.

Asset-based Fees for Investment Management Services

We charge an annual fee (ranging from 1.00% to 0.35%) on the assets we manage for you, depending on the market value of the managed assets as follows:

Investment Assets
Annual Fee (%)
On the first $1,000,000
On the next $2,000,000
On the next $2,000,000
On the next $5,000,000
On amounts above $10,000,000

Investment Management Fees are payable quarterly and deducted from your investment account(s).

Hourly Fees for Investment Consulting Services

When we give advice on investments that we do not manage, we charge an hourly fee of $150. For example, we may provide investment consulting services related to your company’s retirement plan or your child’s college plan.

Fixed Fees for Financial Planning Services

We charge fixed fees for financial planning services. The amount of the fixed fee depends on the complexity of your situation. The Initial Financial Planning Fee covers the first six months of services, and the Ongoing Financial Planning Fee covers services thereafter.

Complexity Level of Advice Needs*
Initial Financial Planning Fee (covers 1st 6 months)
Ongoing Financial Planning Fee (starts at 7th month)
Low Complexity:
$150 per quarter
Medium Complexity:
$300 per quarter
High Complexity:
$500 per quarter

*We’ll let you know if your situation has “Low” or “Medium” or “High” complexity. Also, our Disclosure Brochure has more details.

Our Wealth Management service covers all the bases. Why not contact us today to set up a brief Discovery Call and get started on the path to greater confidence, security and peace of mind?