Why ABW Advisors?

We know you have many options when it comes to financial advice, and we want to help you make a choice you'll be happy with over the long run.

We find we do our best work with clients who share one or more of our Guiding Values, as described below:

  • Stewardship – We believe in using money wisely, that we are accountable for our financial decisions--to God, to future generations, to society at large, etc.--depending on our particular world view. We certainly believe in enjoying life, including luxuries if desired. But we believe in avoiding conspicuous consumption and excessive debt.
  • Generosity – An extension of stewardship, we believe in generous and voluntary sharing of time, talents and resources with individuals, communities, and good causes. We believe that personal generosity is not only one of the most important ingredients needed to address our world’s many challenges, but also a very satisfying approach to life.
  • Independence – We believe in putting a client’s best interests first, not a financial institution’s or our own. We believe in helping people become self-reliant, and eventually financially independent, so they are in a better position to live their dreams and build a better world in their own unique way.

Also consider...

6 Reasons to choose ABW’s services:

  1. You are open to a values-based approach to money
  2. You want guidance in all areas of your financial life (not just in investments)
  3. You want to delegate investment research, portfolio construction, and trading
  4. You want access to optional charitable planning or legacy building services
  5. You want independent, objective advice in a fee-only (no commission) arrangement
  6. You want a friendly and accessible advisor who will put your interests first and won't pressure you

4 Reasons ABW might not be the best fit for you:

  1. You are looking for the cheapest way to invest or the least expensive advisor
  2. You enjoy doing investments on your own and mostly want validation of your own ideas
  3. You believe a key to your financial success is trading in or out of just the right thing at just the right time
  4. You prefer to pay for financial professionals mainly with sales commissions based on the purchase or sale of financial products

If several of the “reasons to” and any of our Guiding Values resonate with you, we invite you to contact us and arrange a brief Discovery Call to explore whether we’re the advisor for you.