Our Clients

OnTrack is designed to address the “everyday” financial questions and concerns of new or long-time investors with less than $500,000 in investments. 

Although OnTrack services are flexible enough to fit many situations, OnTrack clients often fall into one of the following categories:

Families with kids at home - Goals often include saving for retirement, helping kids with college, reducing debt and preparing for death, disability or accidents with proper estate and insurance planning. Common motives for seeking help are getting organized, increasing peace of mind and finding balance in funding multiple goals.

Retirees/Near-retirees - An important goal is balancing retirement income (pension/Social Security and investments) with spending wants and needs to live as comfortably as possible while reducing the chance of running out of money.

If you have (or will soon have) more than $500,000 in investments, or a highly complex financial situation, you will be better served by our Wealth Management service.