ABW provides services on a fee-only basis, which means we do not receive compensation from any financial institution based on the purchase or sale of a financial product. OnTrack services are generally available to clients with household investments of less than $500,000.

Designed with flexibility in mind, OnTrack offers investment management, investment consulting and financial planning services. You can pick and choose which of these services to receive.

As described below, each service has a different kind of fee. We invite you to review our Services so the fees below will make more sense. Don't worry if you find all the fees a little confusing--we'll be glad to answer any questions.

Asset-based Fees for Investment Management Services

If you select investment management services, we will charge an annual fee based upon the market value of the assets we manage, which ranges from 1.25% to 0.35% depending on the market value of the managed assets, as follows:
Investment Assets
Annual Fee (%)
On the first $250,000
On the next $750,000
On the next $2,000,000
On the next $2,000,000
On the next $5,000,000
On amounts above $10,000,000

Investment Management Fees are payable quarterly and are deducted from your investment account(s).

We will charge a one-time $200 investment planning fee for investment management services if your initial portfolio is less than $50,000. This one-time fee will be waived if you select any of our initial financial planning services.

Hourly Fees for Investment Consulting Services

If we give advice on investments that we do not manage, we will charge an hourly fee of $150. For example, we may provide investment consulting services related to the investment options in your company’s retirement plan. We will provide you an estimate of the hours involved before starting work.

Financial Planning Fees

Because OnTrack offers flexibility, there are a variety of financial planning fees depending on the services you select. To start you'll choose between a comprehensive or modular approach. After that, you'll choose between a continuous/proactive or as-needed/reactive approach. Don't let the options keep you from taking action--we'll be happy to help you decide.

We've provided an overview of financial planning fees below. Our Client Service Agreement and Disclosure Brochure contain more details.

Fixed Fees for the Initial Financial Planning Engagement

If you select financial planning services, we will charge you fixed fees for whichever of the three initial financial planning services you select, as follows:
Option 1: Comprehensive Financial Planning
*Low Complexity Advice Needs:
*Medium Complexity Advice Needs:
Option 2: Limited Scope Financial Planning
Option 3: Ad Hoc Financial Planning Consultation
*We’ll let you know if your situation has “Low” or “Medium” complexity.

Fixed Fees and Hourly Fees for Ongoing Financial Planning Services

After the initial financial planning engagement above, you have two choices for receiving ongoing financial planning services, as follows:
Option 1: Bundled Ongoing (Proactive) Financial Planning Services
Low Complexity Advice Needs:
$150 quarterly or $50 monthly
Medium Complexity Advice Needs:
$300 quarterly or $100 monthly
Option 2: Ala carte, As-Requested  Ongoing Financial Planning Services
Comprehensive Financial Planning Review Meeting:
Financial Planning Review Meeting:
Ad Hoc Financial Planning Advice:
$150 per hour
OnTrack allows you to customize your experience to best balance your needs, priorities and budget. Why not contact us today to set up a brief Discovery Call and get OnTrack to your goals and dreams?