OnTrack allows you to choose whether to receive investment management, investment consulting, financial planning or all three services, which are described below:

Investment Management: Advice, recommendations and ongoing monitoring and review regarding allocation of assets and performance in light of your investment needs, goals and objectives. 

    • We generally place the trades on your behalf in accounts you hold with us. 
    • We have an ongoing responsibility to rebalance the portfolio, stay current on your situation and make adjustments in a tax sensitive manner. 
    • We can include your company retirement plan as part of your managed portfolio, which may offer tax minimization opportunities. 
    • We generally use low-cost mutual funds or exchang- traded funds.

Investment Consulting: Advice on any investments we do not manage.

    • This may include recommending which options to choose in your company retirement plan or a child’s college plan.
    • We may provide a second opinion on other investments you own.
    • You are responsible for setting up accounts, placing trades and implementing any other changes.
    • We have no ongoing responsibility to rebalance your portfolio, stay in touch with you or update our initial recommendations.

Financial Planning: Advice about all areas of personal finance except investments. 

    • Topics covered may include retirement planning, tax planning, insurance review, budgeting, debt reduction, basic estate planning, employee benefits, business planning and education planning. 
    • We can help you coordinate changes with your insurance professionals, attorney or accountant.
    • You may customize the level of initial and ongoing financial planning services to best balance your needs, priorities and budget.

Designed with flexibility in mind, OnTrack services can meet the needs of clients in nearly every stage of life. And with no minimum investment amount for OnTrack services, ABW challenges the conventional wisdom that professional, un-conflicted, fee-only financial advisors cannot successfully serve investors with less than $500,000.

If you would like to get started, please contact us to set up a brief Discovery Call, and we will guide you in choosing the right services for your situation.