Financial Planning

At ABW, “wealth management” means comprehensive services—including investment management, investment consulting and financial planning—designed to provide you with confidence, security and peace of mind in your financial and personal life.

We believe wealth management services should start with a good understanding of your goals, values, hopes and concerns. And we believe that good wealth management will help you build a better world in your own unique way by helping you align your resources with your values.

Our process for providing wealth management services revolves around the Wealth Management Scorecard, which is a system designed to measure your success and progress in five areas:

  • Asset Protection (“Preservation”)
  • Disability & Income Protection (“Protection”)
  • Debt Management (“Leverage”)
  • Investment Planning (“Accumulation”)
  • Estate Planning (“Distribution”)

The Wealth Management Scorecard is based on a series of questions and assessments we cover at the beginning of the relationship—and review in ongoing meetings. This disciplined approach helps us be accountable to you and create consistency in your experience. Ross Levin, CFP®, created the original Wealth Management Index™, which he shared in his two books.

Wealth Management Index (WMI) is a registered trademark of Accredited Investors, Inc.